Yes, there is a note section that allows you to keep information about the stations. You can even keep notes about contacts on their own individual contact page, helping to remind you about important information.

You can. The station page allows you to create a list of stations based on criteria, which can then run with a revenue calculator. This allows you to see clusters and their value.

ARC is built to ensure that all your information is kept private among you and your partners. You can even divide vehicles among your staff, keeping information unique to each individual.

Yes. You can export station lists, reports, or compliance information into an excel or CSV file.

Yes, you can. You can set a desktop module for each position at a radio station and track those changes throughout the database. ARC can even email you when a change has been reported at a station.

Yes. Your homepage is made up of modules. You can customize what information is on your homepage and where the information is presented. You can even change the color scheme and layout to your liking.

Yes. Contracts can be stored on each individual station’s page. Thanks to ARC’s cloud base, you’ll be able to access important documents on the go.

The information in ARC is updated daily.

Contact information is not only updated through the industry trades and ARC’s verification team, but the information is also crowdsourced through ARC users. Each company has the option to contribute their information to overall crowdsource. The information is verified, and then made public.

Both HD stations and translators are in the system however translators are only found as a detail on the station page the translator broadcasts. HD stations are in the system as their own entity.